Club Membership - Join Us or Renew Your Membership

We always welcome new members, whether you wish to train, compete or volunteer to help our club

We have five types of membership:

  • Full or Competitive
  • Associate or Non-Competitive (seniors only)
  • Second Claim (you may join us as a second claim member if you have another first claim club)
  • Volunteer (this can be as a coach, an official or club helper)
  • Life (Trustees may grant life membership so a member who has made a significant contribution to the success of the club either as a competitor or a volunteer)


Annual Membership Fees

The club membership year falls in line with the England Athletics membership year, running from 1st April to 31st March each year. New members joining the club between 1st April and 31st December will be required to pay the full annual fee. New members wishing to join the club between 1st January and 31st March will pay the full annual fee, but their membership will be valid until 32st March the following year.

The Trustees have taken the decision to increase the membership fees for 2023/24 this is due to financial challenges as a result of the rate of inflation and energy prices. The core fees have been increased by £5 and the fee structure for 2023/4 is:

Seniors – Full or Competitive membership – £56 (this includes the England Athletics registration fee of £19 and the Northern Athletics affiliation fee of £2).

Seniors – Second claim membership  – £35

Seniors – Associate or Non-competitive membership – £35

Students – Full or Competitive membership – £41 (includes EA and NA registration/affiliation)

Students – Second claim membership – £20

Juniors (under 20) – Full or Competitive membership – £41 (includes EA and NA registration/affiliation)

Juniors (under 20) – Second claim membership – £20

Under 11s – Full membership – £20 (under 11s are not required to pay the EA registration fee)

Volunteers – £0 (although there will be a facility for gift donations)

Hardship – £0 (at the discretion of the membership secretary)

We ask all members to exercise their powers as a member of the club in a way that they decide in good faith would be likely to further the purposes of the club.

Full membership is required to compete for the club (other than for second claim members who will have paid EA registration as part of their first claim club membership).

Training Fees

There has not been an increase in training fees for this year (2023/24)

There is a fixed cost of £3 per session at the Market Street track. This charge is made to contribute towards the costs for managing the track facility.

The Club has an on-line membership system which will allow members to pay in advance for sessions for the month. The charge for this is £20 per month. Otherwise training fees are charged in arrears for the sessions that the member has participated in. Charges are claimed on the 25th day of each month and will be collected on the 2nd day of the following month.

Taster Sessions

We offer 4 taster sessions before we ask for a commitment to membership. The £3 training fee is applicable to these sessions.  At the conclusion of the final session a membership application must be made to continue training with the club.

If you are interested in taking part, whether as an active member or in any other role (for example volunteering, officiating,  coaching, making the tea!) then please complete the enquiry form below. PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARE A PARENT/CARER FILLING IN THE FORM ON BEHALF OF YOUR CHILD IT IS YOUR CHILD’S DATE OF BIRTH THAT SHOULD BE PROVIDED.

If you would like some additional information then please call our club secretary Helen Vaughan on 07802 436 589. Please remember, everyone involved at the club is a volunteer and we may not be able to respond to your enquiry immediately.

Please be aware that we do not usually coach children under the age of 8.


11 + 13 =

2022/23 Membership Renewal

Membership of Bury Athletic Club renews on 1st April each year.

Unlike previous years where members have been required to fill in a form to renew their membership, due to our use of the Attendli system there is no such requirement to re-register. However, we would urge all members or their parents/carers to ensure that profile details on the Attendli system are accurate and they should be updated if they are not currently accurate. This can be done via the link Login (

Members should also check the accuracy of the information on their profile on the England Athletics Portal Sign In | UK Athletics (

Please ensure that your contact details regularly updated (address, telephone number, school / college etc.) on both Attendli and the England Athletics Portal.

Membership subscriptions for 2024/25 will automatically be claimed via the Bury Athletic Club Attendli system from your nominated Bank Account towards the end of March for payment at the beginning of April.