The coronavirus pandemic has very much decimated competitive opportunities for club members and has also severely impacted upon usual training arrangements. As a consequence the club committee has taken the decision to suspend many of the usual annual awards that are nominated by coaches and team members. However, the following awards will be made when the club returns to some form of normality:

Bury AC 2019/20 Awards

Club Member of the Year       –       Roger Morley (for his tireless work as club covid officer in keeping the track operating).


Most Improved Athlete           –       Jack Griffiths (with Anna Gisbourne highly commended)


JT Ratcliffe Award                  –       Byron Edwards

(Most Competitive)


Sandra Newton Memorial       –       Roger Morley

(Highest ranked field athlete)


We offer our congratulations to the award winners and hope that 2020/21 will see some return to normality.