England Athletics has now released guidance that gives the club the green light for the club to re-open. There may be some final additional guidance from EA after they have had further consultation with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and Sport England. However, this is more likely to impact upon indoor athletics.

The full guidance can be read by clicking on the link below:


The club will commence operating again on Thursday 3rd December and will follow the same procedures that had been adopted prior to the second lockdown to ensure that the Market Street Track remains a covid secure environment. The clubs covid officer, Roger Morley, will link in with coaches to ensure that the strict guidelines are adhered to.

It must be remembered that Greater Manchester will leave lockdown and become a Tier 3 area. As a consequence a large number of restrictions will apply to the public and it is vital that all club members are mindful of this and behave in a way that will not compromise the safety of other members, will not result in the club losing its covid secure status or damage the good reputation of the club.

However, we are delighted that members are now able to train again and enjoy the camaraderie of our friendly club.