The Club trustees will hold the annual general meeting of members at 7.00pm on Wednesday 20th September 2023. The meeting will be hosted via Zoom and link to the meeting will be circulated in an email from our Attendli system. All club members are invited to attend, but only those members aged 16 or over on the date of the meeting will be eligible to vote. Papers for the meeting can be accessed through the links below and they currently include:

  1. The agenda for the meeting
  2. The draft minutes of last year’s meeting
  3. The trustees annual report to members.
  4. End of year (2022/23) accounts – examined by our accountant

Bury AC AGM Agenda 2023

AGM Bury Athletic Club 20.07.2022_
Trustees Report to Members for AGM 2022-23

Copy of BAC YEAREND 310323

Please remember that the club’s operating year as a charity runs from 1st April to 31st March and this should be remembered when reading the report and considering the accounts.