With the club changing to charity status as an Incorporated Charitable Organisation, it now the responsibility of the Trustees to set the membership fees for the club. Given the upheaval over the last membership year, the Trustees have decided that there should not be an increase in membership fees for the coming year that commences 1st April 2021. The core fees will remain as £30 per year for senior athletes (over 20) and £15 for junior athletes (under 20 or in full time education). For those members aged 11 and over who wish to compete then the registration fees for England Athletics (EA) and Northern Athletics (NA). We are still awaiting final confirmation of what the fees will be for this year given the limitations for competition, but for context the fee for EA registration last year was £15 and NA waived their registration fees.

A decision has also been made to create a flat rate training fee of £3 per session (whether this be Tuesday/Thursday/weekend). This will be clearly dependent upon the club having permission to re-open. We are introducing a new electronic membership system that will facilitate cashless payments. This system will make it possible to pay for sessions in advance. Again, the current restrictions do not make this a viable option at this current time, but Trustees will be regularly reviewing the situation.

As soon as there is clarity on the EA and NA registration fees we will launch the on-line membership process.