BAC Facilities are committed to an ambitious programme of improvements to the whole Market Street Athletic site and home of Bury Athletic Club.

With an increasing membership and increased quality which has been evidenced by recent results across a range of age groups and disciplines. The commitment of the coaches at Bury is also paying dividends in relation to sporting outcomes. It is imperative that the site and facilities create the right environment to see this improvement continue.

Work already undertaken

  • The old changing rooms have already been demolished, thus removing an eyesore, creating extra club parking and enhancing the entrance to the site.
  • The main 400 metre track has been washed, treated for algae and relined as per enclosed pictures.
  • The 650m black or outside track has been cleared of weeds, treated and scarified. This has enhanced the training surface and returned this to it’s former glory. It is again an ideal winter training facility and excellent alternative to the harder 400m track.
  • A 200m wooden fence has been erected between edge of the black track and the car parks. This both protects runners from cars and will also protect the new upgraded black track from tyre damage.

Whilst the above list is impressive there is no intention of stopping here and below is a flavour of the further work under serious consideration.

Photo shows before and after restoration work on the track at Bury AC

Photo shows before and after restoration work on the track at Bury AC


Photo shows before and after restoration work on the track at Bury AC

Work now being considered

  • Purchase new steeplechase barriers that are adjustable and suitable for both mens and ladies competition.
  • Purchase improved pole vault landing area and an increased number of vaulting poles, this with the replacement of various other equipment will cost over £10,000.
  • Moving the club house adjacent to the changing rooms.
  • Moving all the storage and the groundsman’s buildings closer to the track.
  • The above 2 actions will mean all the buildings are “trackside” and the large car park will be separated behind these, making the site much safer for pedestrian traffic. It will also give the site one focal point and all buildings will access the focal point the 400m track and all the field events.
  • The erection of a full 2m perimeter fence to make the site fully secure to protect the current assets and the huge investment proposed above.
  • There is a longer term plan to erect a small spectator stand.