Members are aware that Bury AC is now a registered charity and as a consequence the club has a new constitution and is a new legal entity. As a consequence this year’s process is a little different as the renewal process is in effect an application to join the new club. We have also invested in a new electronic membership portal that has been created by InterSoft Developments. The new system will allow members to pay membership subscriptions on-line as well as paying for training fees. To do this you will be issued with an electronic membership card for which there is a one-off administration fee of £5. You should take care of your card as if it is lost or damaged there will be a further £5 fee to be paid.

The membership and registration fees for 2021/22 are as follows:

Seniors – Full or Competitive membership – £47 (this includes the England Athletics registration fee of £15 and the Northern Athletics affiliation fee of £2).

Seniors – Second claim membership  – £30

Seniors – Associate or Non-competitive membership – £30

Students – Full or Competitive membership – £32 (includes EA and NA registration/affiliation)

Students – Second claim membership – £15

Juniors (under 20) – Full or Competitive membership – £32 (includes EA and NA registration/affiliation)

Juniors (under 20) – Second claim membership – £15

Under 11s – Full membership – £15 (under 11s are not required to register with EA)

Volunteers – £0 (although there will be a facility for gift donations)

Hardship – £0 (at the discretion of the membership secretary)

Members will soon receive an email from that will contain a link to the new membership portal and instructions on how to register your application. Your application will be considered by the membership secretary acting on behalf of the charity trustees and upon approval you will be issued with a new club membership number. This membership number will be contained on your electronic membership card which can be collected from the club when you have paid your membership fees. The club will act as the link to England Athletics to pay your registration fee where this is applicable. The new membership portal contains the current details of existing members. When your application has been approved you will be able to log on to the membership portal and ensure that your details on the system remain accurate.

Any existing member who does not apply for membership through this process by the end of April will have their details removed from the new membership portal.

Please note that in applying to join Bury AC that you are becoming a member of charity and that you must commit to exercise your powers as a member of the charity in the way you decide in good faith would be likely to further the purposes of the charity. The club’s new constitution can be read on the ‘club information’ section of this website.