Senior Grand Prix

Last updated:  23rd Feb 2021

Latest standings – Men.       Latest standings – Ladies

BURY AC – Seniors Grand Prix 2020/21:  An annual points competition open to all paid-up competitive members of Bury AC aged 18 or over on 1st October 2020.  This is designed to encourage increased participation in club events and local races.  Therefore only athletes who have participated in club events will retain their standing in the final table, as outlined in the rules below.  The Grand Prix will run from 1st Oct – 30th Sept annually, with prizes given at the presentation evening in December.


Categories:  Men & Women.  Senior and Veteran.  Veterans are those aged 40 or over at 1st October 2020.

Points:   Males & females score separately.  No separate scoring for Veterans, so a Veteran could win the overall prize.

The first finisher of each gender among eligible Bury AC runners will be awarded 12 points, the second finisher eleven points and so on down to the eleventh finisher of each gender who earns two points.  All other entrants earn one point.  Edit:  for the 2020/21 men’s competition, points will go from 20 does to 1.  Ladies stay at 12.

There is no “Joker” in this year’s competition as there has been in previous years.

Rules:  Please make yourself aware of the following rules, which are not discretionary:

  1. Points only count where the runner has registered in the race as a member of Bury AC and wears the club vest during the race.
  2. Runners are responsible for arranging their own race entry, either directly or – for Red Rose or road relays – through the club. Bear in mind that some races may sell out, so enter early or you may miss out.
  3. Only the official, published race results will be used to calculate points awards.
  4. To retain their place in the final standings, an athlete must have represented the club (or made themselves available for selection where competitive places are limited) for at least one fixture in a minimum of two of the three primary competitions in which Bury AC compete:
  • Red Rose Cross Country (4 fixtures Oct-Dec)
  • Northern League Track & Field (4 fixtures May-Aug)
  • Road Relays (3 fixtures; 1 in March & 2 in September – excludes Nationals if we qualify)

Rule 4 has been waived for the 2020/21 competition due to uncertainty about competitive fixtures



This year’s race list is subject to change due to fixture uncertainty as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

Race type Specific event Date Points award Event link / entry
Track 5km time trial (best time of 3)

Nov: Virtual road TT.

Dec: Track 5000m

Jan: Best mob run time

Best time across the series  N/a
Road Tatton 10k* (best time of 3)

Sat 5th Dec; Sat 10th April; Sat 5th May

Best time across the series Enter here
Road EA Virtual Relay Round 2 (5 Mile TT) 10th-21st February By time N/a
Road Intra-club Relay (virtual) 8th-21st March By team position N/a
Track Bury Track 10,000m Date tbc – likely June By time TBC
Trail TBC [possibly Race the Train] Likely June By finish position  
Track Any Trafford Open or Cheshire League 3,000m* Various – Summer 2021 Best time TBC
Parkrun Heaton parkrun Date tbc [may double as selection event for road relays] By finish position TBC
Road 5k Any Podium 5k* Various dates announced through the year on Facebook/Twitter Best time  
Half marathon Any (with some exceptions – see below)* Any By fastest time in any half marathon – link to official result to be submitted to club captain N/a

* No elective event (i.e. those with multiple options such as Podium 5k or a half marathon) score points if it clashes with a club event (Red Rose, Northern League or Road Relay) within 3 days either side and the athlete does not also represent the club in that event.




Abandoned due to COVID-19 pandemic


Mens winners:  Patrick Babb (Senior),  Paul Johnston (Masters)

Ladies winners:  Lizzi Cheshire (Senior), Katie Geelan (Masters)

2018/19 Final Standings – Men      2018/19 Final Standings – Ladies


Mens winners:  Byron Edwards (Senior),  Steve Parker/Giles Bennett (Masters, Joint winners)

Ladies winners:  Lizzi Cheshire (Senior), Katie Geelan (Masters)

2017/18 Final Standings – Men      2017/18 Final Standings – Ladies


Mens winners:  Ben Coop (Senior), Byron Edwards (Masters)

Ladies winners:  Katie Geelan (Senior),  Alison Dale (Masters)

2016/17 Final Standings – Men            2016/17 Final Standings – Ladies


Mens winners:  Ben Coop (Senior), Jim Ardin (Masters)

Ladies winners:  Jenny Yates (Senior), Alison Dale (Masters)

2015/16 Final Standings – Men            2015/16 Final Standings – Ladies